Nitrogen Vending

The Only

Inflation and Deflation Machine in The World

* Huge Profits

* Easy To Install

* Low Maintenance

* Easy To Operate

Low Maintenance

Huge Profits

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Free Tech Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Cost of Units

Contact for quote. Price break, if five units are purchased. You then become a distributor and receive a discounted price. Anyone wanting to buy a single unit that is in your area who contacts us will be referred to you. As a distributor you can make profit selling units individually besides being an “Operator” of units. No exclusive territories. 25% deposit required with each order. Units are built to order. Delivery time is 10 – 12 weeks or sooner if we have surplus in inventory. Price includes delivery charges.

Tech and Warranty

One year warranty, unlimited tech support for life of unit to our loyal distributors.


Please Call

How can I Monitor my Nitrovend Profits ?

You will be able to track all revenue unit takes in from your computer in real time using our state of the art NAYAX products. There is a $25 ( subject to change ) monthly fee to maintain wireless modem. There is up to 3.75% service charge on all credit card transactions. Money from credit card transactions goes into your bank account the next business day.

Has the machine been tested and safe?

Yes, and NitroVend has been UL approved.

Is it hard to install NitroVend?

No. About same amount of work as installing a regular coin operated air machine. Tech support is available FREE of charge to help you with any questions to our distributors. Video of how to install machine is available upon request to distributors along with technical support.

Can I see NitroVend machines in operation?

Yes, you can. Contact our sales department for more information. 

What is my profit margin?

About 95% of what you gross. That can add up fast at $5 a vend. Great for boat trailers, sports cars, hot rods, luxury automobiles. Customers save wear and tear on tires, you will have happy repeat customers. Keep in mind there are no other nitrogen vending machines installed ANYWHERE, SO THIS IS A GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY.

Where can I install NitroVend?

Anywhere a coin operated air pump would be located. Gas stations, truck stops, race tracks, tire shops, car dealerships oil change facilities, etc. You will probably have to revenue share with them. This is something each operator can work out with each location.